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Dell Inspiron Problem

I have a Dell Inspiron 3656 and been having it for over a year. It didn’t have problems until recently.

Every time I’ve tried to power it on, the computer doesn’t actually connect to the monitor. I know my monitors are working since the two display a “no signal” on their screen. The power button on the PC is a solid white, I checked the power supply diagnostic system and it displayed a green light. The computer, when turned on, does not show a red LED like it’s supposed to in front of the case. I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t go into sleep mode.

The problem isn’t the power supply and it’s not the monitors.

What should I do?

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RE: Dell Inspiron Problem

Just because a monitor says "No signal" doesn't mean it's working. Test this monitor on a different PC or a known working monitor on this PC.

Is this Win 10 and did you recently get the Fall Update?

Not sure what red LED you mean. There is probably a hard drive activity light on the front of the PC, but it is only on when the drive is being accessed and goes off when access stops.

Are you using an add-in (AMD or NVidia) video card or onboard Intel HD Graphics?


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