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Dell Inspiron Zino HD 400 power adapter


I have a Dell Inspiron Zino HD 400 and I lost my power adapter.

I am trying to use another one from my old Dell laptop (model number: LA90PS1-00)

The power button on my Zino lights up white and then turns to solid amber color after 1 second or so.

After a little "googling" I found out it might be the power adapter (or motherboard and such)

I was wondering if my 90W (19,5V and 4,62A) might not be suitable with my Zino?

I have a couple of these 90W power adapters and they all light up green so they all work.

I want to be sure before scrapping my Zino or try to buy an OEM pwer adapter.

p.s. I have opened it all up and cleaned (dust free) the computer, taken one ram out and all that stuff I thought of)

Your help is much appreciated.

Greetings from Iceland.

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RE: Dell Inspiron Zino HD 400 power adapter

From the manual, Solid amber power button means:

   The computer is in sleep state or there is a problem with the system board.

The Zino 400 HD power adapter is rated as:

Input voltage 100-240 VAC

Input current 1.7 A

Input frequency 50–60 Hz

Output power 65 W

Output current 3.42 A

Rated output voltage

19 +/- 0.95 VDC

From what you described, are your other adapters too high Amps...??

Guess you could Google for another Zino PSU. They're available at Amazon, eBay, etc, assuming they'd sell to Iceland and the shipping costs and taxes won't break the budget.

You might also want to contact Dell Spare Parts in the EU...


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