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Dell Inspiron one 2330 Webcam not working in Windows 10 ... But..!!!

I purchased the all in one dell inspiron 2330 with windows 8.

Everything was working fine until I upgraded to windows 10 and the webcam stopped working.

I tried everything that I can find online to resolve the issue without success.

I called dell support (I have extended warranty) and I let the technician connect to my computer remotely to resolve the issue. I took the technician almost 3 hours and he tried everything under the Sun without any success. He finally gave up and said the camera is faulty and needed to be replaced.
He made all the necessary arrangements for a somebody to come and replace the camera for me.

After I hangup, I tried few things and I found an app icon called Self Timer. I clicked on it and the surprise surprise ... The camera is working .. But its only working with this app (Self Timer by Microsoft)..

I called the dell tech support again to let them know what I discovered and after talking to the support for about half an hour he told me that I don't have a warranty on my computer although I have the papers with me and my warranty valid till the end of this year, but he was adamant that I don't have a warranty and he couldn't talk to me anymore .. 

I know almost everyone who have a dell computer and upgraded to windows 10 have the same issue with the camera and no one seem to know how to resolve this issue.

I was wondering if anybody tried the self timer app and see if their camera works with this app or not.

Any insight or help to resolve this problem will be highly appreciated.


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RE: Dell Inspiron one 2330 Webcam not working in Windows 10 ... But..!!!


Regret the inconvenience & confusion.

This is a case where in the drivers are missing from the system. Kindly confirm if the issue is sorted also provide us with the service tag of the system via private message so that we can check the warranty information.


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