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RE: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

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Thanks for the reply. I found my error, resolved it and the settings are there.

Also, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci" is not in Windows 8.1.

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RE: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

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Sorry, I know this is old thread but got to thk stb2. Your patched file & the steps you collated works.

In case someone else chance upon this thread, I resolved my situation in 2 stages:

Stage 1 - flashed the latest Dell BIOS in conjunction with the patched file by stb2 - done successfully. Now BIOS shows options for AHCI/IDE

Stage 2 - switch Windows to AHCI either by registry hack or safe mode method (google this one for other detailed sources. Note different methods applies to Win7/8/10)


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RE: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

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I got AHCI running on a "Inspiron 620 (Mid 2011)" and Win7 64Bit, and it works perfect up to now! (Confirmed TRUE)


I’m patched myself the latest original Dell Bios, which comes as a download named "MS-A10.exe" (As of Feb 2016, this is TRUE and I called Dell and they have no plans for future BIOS updates)


The patch is no real functional change. It just makes "hidden menus" accessible in the standard bios menu of your PC... (TRUE)


  • The used bios editor is called "AMIBCP4.53" and I found it in the posting "Posted by PippoX0 on 28 Aug 2012 6:22 AM" . As a second source for the feature (if the link fails) I created also a download link which contains just the tool: (USE THIS TOOL)
  • In the posting "Posted by Slikkster on 14 Feb 2013 9:47 PM" I found the option "/forceit" for the original Dell Bios flasher (Background: The bios updater refuses to update, if the bios is already up to date)


  1. Open the registry editor with command "regedit" on path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci" and change the value       "Start" from "3" to "0".
  2. Find your temporary folder: Open a dosbox and execute "echo %temp%" to print the path.(e.g. "C:\Users\stefan\AppData\Local\Temp" on my pc). Open it in the file explorer.
  3. Get the latest bios from the dell support page (is an executable)
  4. Just start it - nothing more! A folder called "MS-A10" will appear in the temporary folder.
  5. Go to the temporary directory and copy the bios file called "MS-A10.BIN" ( a file with size 4096KB) to another place. Close the tool.
  6. Open it with the bios editor (easiest way per drag&drop on the opened tool)
  7. Make the 5 changes, described by Litwell "Posted by LitwDell on 1 Sep 2012 9:21 AM" in the screenshots. Save! Reopen and check your Change! (IN THIS DISCUSSION)
  8. Start the original Dell flasher with the force option. e.g.: "C:\tmp\MS-A10.exe /forceit" (Slikkster gives advice for beginners in the post quoted above) (If you've already updated the BIOS, you'll get a warning that you can't update the newer BIOS with an older one. This is why he mentions the force switch. Some of you may not clearly understand how to run a command with switches. One way is the Run command line but an easy way to run the command with the /forceit switch is to right click on the MS-A10.exe file you downloaded from the Dell website and drag it to the desktop and create a shortcut to it. Then edit the shortcut and add the switch to the executable Target path so that it reads "C:\Users\{yourname}\Downloads\MS-A10.exe /forceit". Next click apply and ok. Notice, my file was still in the downloads folder...yours' might be there - btw, the punctuation for yours' is correct. Next run the shortcut and you'll be able to run the update). If your BIOS is older than the one you are flashing, you can just start the "MS-A10.exe" with double click.
  9. replace the original BIOS file in the temporary folder with your patched version
  10. Press "update" in the Flasher tool and wait till finished.
  11. Reboot, enter directly the BIOS (press F2) and change to "AHCI" mode!!! Start windows, (Windows will install a driver and ask to reboot, so reboot). After the reboot, measure your speed improvement, enjoy your new fast PC! (CONFIRMED TRUE - HUGE SPEED DIFFERENCE, for me at least when it comes to smaller files...WOW!!!)



Thank you so much for the clear and concise instructions. My Inspiron 620 now runs with AHCI enabled and the read speeds have improved by 50% MORE for consecutive reads of large files and by more than 670% (yes...670, not 67) times faster for 4KB multicore reads (important to me since I deal with thousands of small files - this is where SSDs kill conventional HDDs).


I am a somewhat technical person but anyone can do this. No skill necessary.This will not harm the system. I have no errors or issues. I will update this in a few months to let you know how everything is going. Also, this is a SATA2 connection to the SSD, so you can expect about 290MB/s for consecutive reads and writes. I am posting the before and after results.


Here is the benchmark before the BIOS mod:


Here is the benchmark AFTER the BIOS mod in this thread:

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RE: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

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I know this is bringing up a thread thats over a year old but I was recently given a 620 with decent specs hardly used and I decided to do some upgrades , like SSD, GPU, power supply and ram upgrade. I dont have much into it because of what it cost me originally but I have to say this is pretty solid machine with what I have upgraded. That being said I wanted to post a thank you to everyone that contributed to this thread because I was able to access AHCI controls for my SSD to properly work. Im not that computer savy but I know the basics and was able to do this with a little research and trial and error. If anyone is trying to do this and is having difficulties please dont hesitate to post because I would like to help anyone who needs it like those who posted here..And btw , Im running Windows 10 and Im on bios A04..  

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RE: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

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Does this PCIe Card (Apricorn Velocity Solo X2) fits on my Dell 620s Slim Tower?

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RE: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

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The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
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RE: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

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Hi, thank you for coming forward. In this case someone needs actual help (me), I have also a Dell Inspiron 620 (normal tower size, not the model 620S), and my BIOS is currently at the latest (which is the A10), and I have a Samsung SSD 850 EVO (250GB) installed as a main boot and system, and a HDD of 1TB as a secondary.) I do NOT, I repeat, I do NOT know how to deal with all those steps that I read on the (various) threats before, so I know that if I do everything the way "I think it is" I might end up bricking my desktop and consequently getting crazy angry because I messed up.

And I do NOT want to do any mistakes or whatsoever. I know all the explanations from other users were very clear, but SOME parts make me confused and they way some say it's like "just do this and that" but not so clear on which step to do first, or last, or altogether.

So I humbly ask if you (or whoever reads this threat) could give a STEP BY STEP with all the little details, like if you are trying to teach someone REALLY NOOB on how to do it.

For example, I have so many doubts like, "Should I download the files provided in the other threats on my secondary drive or in the main?" After this done what I do next?" AND "Which files are the actual ones that I can use in MY SITUATION?-Which is having already installed the A10 BIOS version.

And by the way, I DO NOT find the option on my regedit to change the Windows Registry to "enable" the AHCI, as I will quote below from previous threat:

"Open the registry editor with command "regedit" on path " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci" and change the value       "Start" from "3" to "0". "

So I just want to be extremely clear on which FILES TO USE, WHICH STEPS TO MAKE, and so on. Please, I hope you can still be around to help me with this situation. I do have some understanding about computers, but because after the W95 and XP, almost never, I had to deal with PC problems, therefore I never had to acknowledge them so much.

Because I use the Samsung Magician Software, I can be able to see some details of my configuration and etc, and as expected, since I did not tried to make this "hacking change" in my BIOS, the AHCI

option shows at the Main Screen of the Magician Software as "Deactivated".

All I know is that yes, the SSD "knows" that can't be able to use the AHCI mode.

I mean, at least for now.

So please, your help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you.

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