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Dell Latitude E6540 9.5MM Hard Drive Bumpers (Replacement Hard Drive Caddy.)

Hi Guys!

I recently purchased a new Dell Latitude E6540 with a 500gb hard drive installed.

I would like to upgrade to a larger hard drive, but noticed that the 9.5 drives don't fit because the rubber bumpers are designed for a 7mm drive.

I can install a 9.5mm Hard Drive into the machine without the bumpers, but I would feel better if I had the bumpers installed as well and can't seem to find 9.5mm bumpers for this model anywhere.

I saw a few posts about these bumpers for the older e-series models and after an hour of holding and being transferred on the dell support line I wasn't able to find any info on bumpers for the E6540.

Anyone else having this problem or know of the part numbers or a place that sells the 9.5mm hard drive caddy/bumpers for the E6540?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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RE: Dell Latitude E6540 9.5MM Hard Drive Bumpers (Replacement Hard Drive Caddy.)

Well guys,

It looks like I have answered my own question.

Using the link below I found the part numbers for one of the older model e-series and upon further research, it looks like they will be compatible with the newer E6540 series as well.


Now I am on the search for an affordable pair of them, as the only place I have found them so far are on ebay for about $100 bucks.


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