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Currently i have issues with the Dell 5050 and time zone on Win 7 machines. I have already re-imaged the system twice from scratch and still have problems. The system will not hold the correct time and when you go to look at the system date/time settings, the Timezone says: Your current time zone is not recongnized. Please select a valid time zone. I can change the time zone and abount 20-30mins later it will revert back to the wrong time by 1 hour. Its just a standard workstation with no VM or anything fancy on it. I have tried the registry of fixing it but thats not it. Is there anything on the BIOS that could be causing this or something hardware?

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RE: Dell Opitplex 5050 Issue,

Below is information that may resolve the issue. If not, you will need to call Dell Support at 1-800-624-9896. 

By default, Windows as a domain member synchronizes against the domain controller's clock. If you're getting incorrect times, there may be two possible causes for it:

The domain controller's clock is off.

In this case, you can force Windows to synchronize against a public NTP server instead (such as However, this will create large differences between your computer's and the domain controller's clocks, which is most likely to result in completely broken domain logons. AD uses Kerberos for authentication, and only allows time skews of up to 5 minutes.

Fix:  Talk with your network administrator.

Workaround: Change the timezone to compensate for the offset.
The domain controller's clock is correct, but your computer is configured with an incorrect timezone.

Time sync works with UTC time. Windows always keeps its internal clock in UTC time as well, but applies an user-specified "time zone" offset when displaying times. If you see the clock as off by exactly one hour (or several hours), you might have an incorrect time zone configured.

Fix: Go to Adjust Time and Date, verify the timezone settings.

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RE: Dell Opitplex 5050 Issue

Weak motherboard battery..?


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