Dell OptiPlex 3040 - Error: "Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Hello Support Users,

I'm having an issue with the OptiPlex 3040 Intel HD Graphics 530 Driver for Windows 10 Pro. The machine will work fine for awhile then while certain applications like Microsoft Excel are running, the machine will stop working and give the following error:

"Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

This machine has 2 monitors so using the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter doesn't work, even googling if that works or detects such is almost absent. I'm just letting whoever know it doesn't work with dual monitors on Windows 10 Pro.

I've found this link and installed the following display driver to see if that clears the issue + adjusted some PC settings in "Advanced System Settings" Under This PC : Windows still chooses what to do for visual effects and Virtual Memory is now 4096MB. I've also added the TdrRelay = 10 to the GraphicsDriver section in Registry.

Here is the link that's been suggested and the steps I've taken so far, I did skip the DELL driver and went for the initial Intel Generic Driver instead.

Is anyone else facing this issue with their onboard graphics?

Thread I've used so far to troubleshoot:

Any suggestions which could help or solutions for this PC?

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RE: Dell OptiPlex 3040 - Error: "Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Windows 10 Users,

Here is the final solution that has resolved the problem I was facing with the Dell OptiPlex 3040 Intel Graphics Driver:

I've since installed the following driver with the TdrRelay=10 registry fix to completely remedy the issue and ensuring "Windows chooses what's best for the pc" in Advanced System Settings to keep the visuals adequate.

Event Viewer Last Graphics Driver Issue Alert:

Log Name:       System

Source:         Display

Date:           8/31/2016 11:17:03 AM

Event ID:       4115

Task Category:  None

Level:          Warning

Keywords:       Classic

User:           N/A


Driver Version: Intel Graphics Driver For Windows 10 []

Release Date:   06/17/2016


Installed this by downloading the zip file and using the .inf shown in my previous post from Device Driver.

This support post may now be closed since problem has went away.