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Dell OptiPlex 960 + VisionTek Radeon HD 3650 PCIe 512MB: Dual Monitor Problems

Dear Dell Support,

We purchased 80 OptiPlex 960 PCs and 80 of these cards for our company to go Dual-Monitor.
And we are having problems with many of the cards in our systems.

We are using the latest bios (A11), and Win7x64Pro.

When a PC is powered up or restarted, the one or both of the monitors fail to come up.
The monitor"s" is just left in standby mode with an orange led.
Trying to detect the monitor does nothing.
Powering off and back on the monitor does nothing.
The monitor must be unplugged from the video card, and back in again for it to come back up.

This behavior is with a clean install of Windows, using the latest driver off VisionTek's web site.
We have also tried a clean install of Windows using Microsoft's compatibility driver for the card, and experience the same behavior.
Additionally, with a clean install on Win7, nothing else loaded, we can not install the latest AMD Catalyst Display Driver for the Radeon HD 3650.  The install blue-screens with a 0x000000ca error.
We have tried ATI's 11.2 and 10.12 Catalyst Drivers.

The behavior is intermittent, but happens more than 75% of the time.
Again, we have 80 of these cards giving us intermittent issues.

I have tried working with VisionTek's Tech Support, and they have no known reported issues with these cards.
They recommended we contact Dell, and you should have a list of video cards that have known issues with your systems.

Please let me know how I should proceed.


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Re: Dell OptiPlex 960 + VisionTek Radeon HD 3650 PCIe 512MB: Dual Monitor Problems

Hi Chris,

This is a user-to-user forum. We are not Dell's tech support. Since you purchased business machines, you should take advantage of the tech support provided with your purchase by contacting Dell tech support.

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