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Dell OptiPlex GX280 small tower

Does anyone out there know why I cannot run the (My Dell option) on my OptiPlex GX280 or run the Dell Diagnostic's from the site on this desktop also. I reinstalled the (My Dell) option over 4 times now and it still will not work. I go to the support web-site and then run Dell Diagnostic for hours at a time and it does not get pass the installing option. I have Windows XP still as the operating system. I do not get any error messages so I have no idea what to do next. Thanks in advance from Don.
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7- Thorium

RE: Dell OptiPlex GX280 small tower

Hi Don,

I'm not entirely sure what utility this is. It's called "My Dell"? 

If you need to run the diagnostics, download this one, which can be used to create a bootable diagnostics disc.

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7- Thorium

RE: Dell OptiPlex GX280 small tower

The website needs lots of drivers and a browser newer than IE8.

So with XP you must use Firefox.

Firefox Setup 24.7.0esr.exe

Then install Dotnet 1 then dotnet 2 then dotnet 3 then dotnet 4



Then install Java

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