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Dell OptiPlex GX620 errors

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I found my old OptiPlex GX620 from the garage and decided to boot it up and see what cool stuff I'd find from there. Although I can't boot it up. I remember it had no issues before placing it to garage. This is what currently happens:
It says that the battery voltage is low & previous fan failure.

Another issue is that it doesn't recognize my USB-keyboard (Gigabyte Force K85) (The compuiter doesn't have the PS2 port, although I have a PS2 keyboard as well). My keyboard's lights start up & the Num Lock stays on but I cannot press anything.

I have attached the images of the screen that appears.

Any advice is appreciated!

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RE: Dell OptiPlex GX620 errors

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Until you replace the DL2032 battery it will not boot.  This is a problem for these older systems.

Once the CMOS battery is replaced and F2 bios setup is set it will boot.   Previous Fan Failure may indicate bad Caps on the motherboard but you won't be able to tell without the $5 cmos battery.

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