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RE: Dell Optiplex 320 with Intel Core2 Quad Q6600/Q6700

Listen, the CPU currently installed in my Optiplex 320 is an E6550, and yes that means 1333MHz. My computer is fully functional. I am really just trying to reach out for people that have "tried it" before, because there are simply too many naysayers that are great for pulling up charts and specification sheets, but not much else. Here is the exact quote from Wikipedia: "* BIOS Must be upgraded to the latest version to Support Quad CPU's And 1066FSB CPU's with 65nm Lithography ONLY, BIOS glitch only allows for up to 3 GB or RAM, versus the typical 4 GB". I know it's wikipedia, but the nice thing about its content is that its written by USERS not manufacturers. Which means, at least in terms of product specifications, there is some truth to it. Look how specific this description is; do you think someone would have written it had it not worked for them?