Dell Optiplex 330 Bios problem

I have a Dell Optiplex 330 with the following specs:

Intel Core Pentium Dual core 2GHZ

1gb 800mhz ram

250gb HDD

I have got this computer for free from my uncle because his work wasnt already using it for over 1 year. However, i sense there is something wrong with it. When i boot the computer on, it shows the windows 7 logo. But the boot animation stops and the computer reboots. When i press f12 for the setup/bootmenu, i hear a short beeping noise before going into the bios. In the bios, when i press the keys on the keyboard to go down on the list, it skips a few things. This was also the case in the setup. When i hold the down or up key in the bios, it freezes and i have to reboot the computer. I have already ran the diagnostics, and it showed no problems with the computer. I have replaced the battery in the motherboard, but when i press "load default" in the bios i just hear a long beep and nothing happens further. I keep having this problem over and over again. I just dont know what to do further. How can i fix these problems?

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