AD198X and ANALOG Soundmax AUDIO must have AUDIO ESP to detect the speaker.

AUDIO ESP is the Soundmax Control panel Applet that "sees" speakers and headphones etc plugged into the audio codec OR NOT.


The issue is that by default windows  7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10 will use a generic HD Audio driver and therefore things like the internal business speaker will not work and soundmax Audio ESP is non existant.

The solution is to install the Dell driver and then let windows update decide if the driver needs whql update.

This is a common problem.   The Audio ESP function that asks whats plugged into the port is not enabled in the generic win7, win8, win10 driver.  You also have to install DOTNET 4.0 and Directx June 2010

BEFORE installing this driver.  You also have to add the feature back for Legacy Direct Show from control Panel.  If you do all the right things in the right order it will work.  Control Panel, All Control Panel Items,  Programs and Features, Turn windows features on and Off,

Then do the checkboxes.  You MUST BE online when you do this because it will whine about not finding the features and needing to download them from windows update.