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Dell Optiplex 9020 CPU downgrade

Recently purchased a 9020 sff without the cpu (second hand of course), love the look of it and want to use it as a media machine, contacted dell support to see what LGA1150 cpu s are supported without any luck, has anyone had any experience with this , hoping to get away with a celeron or Pentium CPU. But any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance 

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RE: Dell Optiplex 9020 CPU downgrade

These use fourth-generation Haswell CPUs -- 4xxx for the i series, G1830 etc. for Celeron/dual core.

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RE: Dell Optiplex 9020 CPU downgrade

You can't use Intel Core i7-4790k cpu in the SFF.  it uses too much power.

 Intel® Pentium Core™ G3240T / 2.7GHz, 3M, VT-x, 35W


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