Dell Precision T1500 Error Code 2000-0123 Integrity test failed

A year or so ago, I had a memory error and replaced the original 8GB of memory with 4 new 4GB modules to make up 16GB.

I've also had to replace the primary / boot hard drive as the original one crashed.

For the last couple of weeks, the initial boot sequence seemed to really slow down (i.e. before it even starts to load Windows). There is a little progress bar under the Dell logo on the screen which seems to indicate progress on startup, and this used to pass very quickly. However, recently, it stopped for quite a while about 1/3 of the way in. After a minute or so it would go all the way and Windows would boot.

However, this morning it wouldn't, and after a few boot attempts I ran the PSA tests.

Almost all of the memory tests failed:

A box on the screen appears with 8 CPUs numbered from 0 to 7. It seems that CPU3 often "halted" whilst the others would continue to show progress. Sometimes CPU7 also halted.

Some solutions I read was to "reseat" the memory modules - this seems like a lot of possible combinations. Some solutions suggested that even after this, it was found that the motherboard was at fault. Is it worth the time and effort to reseat the memory modules?

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RE: Dell Precision T1500 Error Code 2000-0123 Integrity test failed

Take ram out and test 1 stick at a time.  If its ALL BAD the power supply may be failing.  Its statistically unlikely that ALL of the ram has failed at once if it worked previously.

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