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Dell Precision T5400 will not boot, shuts off immediately

Dell Precision T5400

Xeon E5450 x2

32 GB Ram

Windows 7 Pro

1 TB Seagate primary drive

2 TB WD backup drive

DVD Rewritable


XFX Radeon HD 7850 2GB

PCI Firewire card


The last few days it would shut down randomly mostly when watching Youtube videos. I had recently upgraded my video driver so rolled that back yesterday. This morning when I got up it was off, I leave it running all the time so I knew it had shut down again. I hit the power button, the power came on for a couple of seconds then shut back off. I tried several times with the same result. No beeps and I couldn't tell what the diagnostic lights were doing as you will see in the video. I hit the power supply test button on the back and the LED was green indicating no power supply problem. I removed the RAM and just put 2 DIMMs back in, tried a different video card. Removed the Firewire card. Removed the second processor, swapped the second processor in place of the first. Reset the CMOS. I tried disconnecting the hard drives, optical and floppy. I've been monitoring the temperatures the last couple of days, the CPUs idle at 39C but never get above about 52C, the video card idles at 36C and will get into the 60s when benchmarking but stays in the 40s with regular use. I don't know what else to do. Here is a video of what it does.




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Clayton, I did try that, in fact I tried 3 different CPUs. I inspected the sockets with a magnifying glass to make sure there were no bent pins. I've had an intermittent problem like this for a while that I always attributed to something else so I think this has been lurking for a while. I really like this machine and have it upgraded with max ram and 2 Xeon E5450s. I do a lot of music recording and mixing and some video editing and it's perfect for that. I have several T3500s that I would go with if I didn't have this one just the way I want it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Just to follow up.  It was indeed the motherboard. Dell would not sell me another one but I got one from a reputable dealer on eBay. Installed and back up and running. Had a bit of a scare when I first started it up with the fans all running full and a message saying the installed CPU was not supported but a BIOS update fixed everything. Thanks for the help DELL-Hema. I wish Dell was more supportive of individuals, especially ones like me that can't afford new computers and have to depend on getting older systems running.

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