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Dell Precision T5810 Performance

I bought a new Dell Precision T5810, Xeon E5-1650 v3, 256GB ECC RAM, 1TB SSD Samsung 850. It runs Linux 16.01 without problems. It runs well some apps we wrote in Python, but it seems the performance is slower than expected. A sample dataset execution takes 1:20 to finish, while it takes 0:54 in my Dell XPS,  i7-4702HQ, 16GB RAM and SSD. With a bigger dataset it takes also much more time to execute.

I've run some separate tests, and memory, hdd and cpu are faster than the laptop's. I've tried also the Dell's Ubuntu 12.04 and same performance. With hyperthreading activated it even takes longer time to execute (20 seconds more for the sample data).

Any idea what makes it perform so slow?

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