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Dell Precision T7400

Hello, i have one Dell Precision T400 with one CPU. What i need to install the second CPU? Thank you.

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RE: Dell Precision T7400

Hi mkmanx,

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Please find the details on Page 27 and 150 from the below link:


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RE: Dell Precision T7400

You need a matching CPU "S SPEC" and heatsink. DELL FD841 PROCESSOR HEATSINK PRECISION WORKSTATION 690 T7400 You cannot mix speeds or S Spec on the CPU.



3.0Ghz Harpertown Xeon Processor Service Kit, X5450   SLBBE
3.3GHz Harpertown Xeon Processor Service Kit, X5470
3.33GHz Wolfdale Xeon Service Kit, X5260, 1333
3.4GHz Harpertown Xeon Service Kit, X5492 .
3.4GHz Wolfdale Xeon Service Kit, X5272




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