Dell Precision Tower - Trouble installing Windows 7

Hi all..

I have a Dell Precision Tower, the specs are as follows;

Intel Xeon CPU e5-1620v3

16gb DDR4

2 x Samsung SSD SM841N 512GB

Set to RAID 0 was RAID 1

I had the harddrives formatted becausei was going to sell the machine but it turns out i couldnt get what i wanted for it so i will be keeping it.

I downloaded the image of Windows 7 drom the Dell website, tried to install it but had the 'no drives were detected message' although they are there in the BIOS.

I downloaded the drives and installed them and up popped the hardrive, so good so far, after the Windows 7 install, it says it needs to restart the machine, when it restarts it states there is no valid OS on the system so i go to do an install again and the drives are not there again.

Any ideas at all??

Thanks in advance


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RE: Dell Precision Tower - Trouble installing Windows 7

ahci  F6 drivers are required to "SEE" the drive

WIN7 sp1 is also required

Your system requires a SKYLAKE install DVD.

Dell does not have WIN7 download site. Nor does anyone else because this has been removed.

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