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Dell Precision Workstation 380

At work we have a Dell Precision Workstation 380.  Today, the ladies who use the machine started experiencing problems logging onto the machine.  I was told they were able to logon when the pc first boots up (with windows password), but was not able to get back in once the pc went into screen saver mode.  I checked the BIOS and in the security section I have these two messages:  Drive 0 Password: The drive has been safely put in a frozen state.  Please turn off the system and attempt to set or change the password immediately after the system has been restarted.  I have this exact same message for Drive 2 Password. 

How do I unfreeze the drives?  Because the drives are frozen, is that the reason why on one can now log onto the system, including the admin account users?  The system boots up normally without messages.  At the windows logon screen, it will not accept any passwords.  Basically not allowing system access.  The system is running BIOS A09.  Will resetting the CMOS battery do the trick?

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