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Dell S2216H Monitor - Shadow for text / Blurred

Hello Guys,

I bought a brand new S2216H Dell Monitor a week ago, I am using a VGA cable to connect the monitor to cpu. The text,icons,images and every other thing displayed on monitor has a shadow to the right edge, Please find the attached image below.

I have tried

  1. changing the resolution,
  2. screen refresh rate,
  3. adjusted the brightness and contrast 
  4. also turned on clear type

with no luck

Should i replace the monitor, is it covered under warrenty ?

Please help me to fix the issue.

EDIT: I now realized that you guys can't see the blur for text and icons in above image, The above image is a screen shot taken using shipping tool, May be is should take a photo instead of screen shot to show the issue.

Please find the attached image, showing how the text is blurred.(Please zoom the image to see the issue)

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RE: Dell S2216H Monitor - Shadow for text / Blurred


Change the Response Time in the Display OSD to Fast or Normal depending on your application and usage.

Eliminate video extension cables. ∞ Reset the monitor to Factory Settings(Factory Reset). Change the video resolution to the correct aspect ratio.

Click the link below to download the online manual.The manual provides information on hos to use the monitor as well as troubleshooting information.

Dell S2216H Monitor Online Manual

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