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Dell S2417DG no video on DisplayPort

Purchased two Dell S2417DGs earlier this month (ordered from amazon 8th-9th sept, arrived 10th sept). A few days ago one of them didn't display the computer (it powered up - had it's white LED, and could view the menu).

I unplugged and replugged the displayport (at both computer and monitor end), and made sure both were firmly in. Windows came up with it's 'Gsync Monitor connected' message, but still no change. I restarted the computer and repeated, to get the same result.

Nvidia Control Pannel only shows one of the two monitors. When I unplug/replug, it flashes/updates a few times, but nohting changes. Windows Display settings shows both monitors with Monitor 1 (the one that doesn't work, and my main monitor) now on the far right, much smaller and now greyed out (and am unable to do anything with it - even selecting options 'duplicate x monitor' doesn't do anything).

The USB passthrough on the monitor still functions, and I can get a display with HDMI. I purchased this mostly for gaming, and with HDMI being capped at 60hz refresh, I would like to use the DisplayPort.

I was hoping I could get some assistance; to see if there's anything else I could try that might confirm if the port is dead or not (I'd rather not send it to be replaced/repaired/whatever if I could avoid it). Any help would be much appreciated! - MP

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RE: Dell S2417DG no video on DisplayPort

Thank you for your message.

There seem to be no issues with the physical monitor.

Have you tried to swap the monitor cables & check if the issue persists?

What video card you Have? Is it a Dell computer?

For my reference, please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag registered name & email address.

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