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Dell Studio 540 - Sound Problem

I have a brand new Dell Pc (bought in janurary), Its pretty high spec(4G ram), anyway i am having an awful problem with the playback of my music in all media players besides WMP.

When using iTunes, Winamp, Realplayer & VLC my songs make a  crackly noise. The only media player not giving this is WMP, but as a lot of my music was ripped originally with iTunes, Windows Media player only plays about half of my files as the other half are MP4 (not supported by WMP)

It is the same both through my speakers and through headphones so it is definitely something with the PC, songs play perfectly in WMP so it cant be the speakers etc.

My PC came equipped with Realtek HD Audio which i presume is pretty high quality sound. i have tried re-installing the drivers ( downloaded from this site).I also installed the latest K-Lite codec pack. I have also tried changing the bitrate used in ITunes (Quicktime).

All of this hasn't worked so now I'm lost and extremely frustrated!!! emoticon.SuperAngry.title

I cant understand why the same songs that work fone in WMP are distorted in all other media players........

Can anybody help me???????







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Re: Dell Studio 540 - Sound Problem

First thing, disable any sound "enhancements" for the Integrated Audio.  These have been known to cause playback problems. I don't have a PC with that so I'm not sure where it's located but probably in the Control Panel or an option in the Volume Control Panel.

Second, Quicktime and iTunes both have a record of many problems or causing many problems.  I won't say that those are the cause of your problems, just something to consider.  I have avoided the popular iPod's just because of all the iTunes problems I've seen posted - here and on other forums.

I have also seen (and experienced) audio playback problems caused by Quicktime.  Like many "techies" I no longer have Quicktime or RealPlayer installed on my PC's because of their propensity to try and "take over" and make themselves the default media players even tho they are not set for default.

I can't comment on VLC as I don't have it and haven't come across any client's PC with it.

The best I can offer is to start uninstalling media players (restart the PC after the uninstall) and see if it still does it.  Did it do it initially, as shipped from Dell? or only after installing other software?

Since you have 4GB of RAM, do you have Vista 64 bit or Vista 32 bit?  That could also make a difference with some 3rd party media players as some are not fully 64 bit compatible.  Also, if you have a 32 bit, you are not using the full 4GB and that's due to addressing limitations of ANY 32 bit Operating System.  64 Bit Operating Systems will address 4 GB and more.  On Vista 32 bit systems with SP1, it will show what is actually installed, e.g. 4GB but in actuality you will only have about 3.2 GB that is useable.


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