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Dell Studio One "Sleep" mode

I'm having issues with my All-in-one Studio One.  Most of the time it will not go into the sleep mode in the time I have set for it to do it.  Then, sometimes it does go into "Sleep" but I can't arouse it!  If I move the mouse or hit the power button for a second, it will show the start up screen for a couple of seconds and then go blank.  However, something is going on in the background because I can here the Windows sounds going on.  But no screen!  In order to get the screen again, I have to hard shut off the computer and restart it.  It goes through the entire Windows 7 startup process and then starts working.  I can't imagine that it is good to be doing a hard shutdown and restart nearly every time it goes to "Sleep".  Nor do I like to have the screen going through my "pictures" file for hours because it won't go into "sleep".  Something is wrong but what?

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Re: Dell Studio One "Sleep" mode

First suggestion, update the Video drivers.  Video drivers can be a source of the problem you have.

The Dell Downloads are at www.support.dell.com

On one all in one model (1909) there are no Video Drivers listed and in that case the Nvidia Chipset drivers apparently include a video driver.

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