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Dell Studio XPS 435MT won't start with a CMOS Battery

Thanks in advance for the help.

My computer is running Windows 7 Professional.  It will not boot with the cmos battery installed.

When the power is plugged in the front power button is solid amber.

When the computer starts up it gives 5 beeps.

When the cmos battery is out the computer will boot up to the screen for F2 (run setup) or F1 (default settings).

If I press F1 the computer will start up normally.

If I press F2 to enter setup I can set the date and time.

When I install a new cmos battery (with + up) the computer will not start up.

It does not seem to be the power supply, as the computer has been up for a whole day.

If I turn off the computer it will not boot until I drain the electricity from the board.

I can start it up without the cmos battery.

Please advise.


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Re: Dell Studio XPS 435MT won't start with a CMOS Battery

5 beeps is "real time clock failure" and the solution is supposed to be a new motherboard battery. Sure the replacement battery is good?

When yu replaced the battery, did you: power off, unplug and press/hold power button for ~15 sec, then remove the battery and press/hold power button again for ~30 sec, and finally install the new battery ?

You might also want to reseat all the RAM modules and PCI cards in their slots, though this may not help.

If all that fails, it might be a motherboard failure which is preventing it from detecting the battery voltage...


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