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Dell Studio XPS 435mt Video Card Upgrade Problem!

Hi, I just upgraded my Dell Studio XPS 435mt's video card.

Various forum discussions I saw indicated that the Radeon HD7770 would be a suitable card to replace the original factory card (Radeon something-or-other, not sure which model).

I installed the card, drivers and software included, rebooted, etc, and everything seems fine; except for one thing: my second monitor I use isn't being detected.

My primary monitor is an HP 2009m.
I'm not sure what type the second monitor is, it's an older Dell which uses a little adapter for the pin connection (this was needed on the old card as well as the new one)

the new RadeonHD7770 card takes up two PCI slots; I have my primary monitor plugged into the top slot and the second monitor on the bottom slot.  Windows and the Catalyst Control Center both cannot detect that the 2nd monitor is plugged in.

Do I need to do something involving disabling onboard graphics settings in the BIOS?  If so, what exactly do I need to do..?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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RE: Dell Studio XPS 435mt Video Card Upgrade Problem!

Upon further inspection, I do believe the problem is that I'm trying to connect an analog VGA monitor to a digital DVI port.  

The XPS 435mt's original factory video card had two analog-capable ports, while the Radeon HD7770 (and I believe most newer video cards) only has one (or none?) analog-capable port.

I think a converter like this one is needed:

I'm wondering if anyone more knowledgeable in this field can confirm that a Displayport to VGA adapter sounds like what is needed?

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