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Dell Studio XPS 7100 and Sapphire Vapor-X HD 5770

Hello everyone,

My first question is this: Are they compatible?  I bought the computer separately from the graphics card and installed it into my PC.  My next question is more of a statement: I am having issues with the video card.

I should first mention that I have absolutely no issues running the PC with the onboard VGA (ATI HD 4200).

After installing the Sapphire Vapor-X HD 5770 into my computer, I have been experiencing random blue screens. The sound will distort and the monitor goes dark, as though it has been unplugged. These issues seem to occur more frequently during gaming, but they have occurred during normal operation of the PC (even in Safe Mode AND during a chkdsk restart). They also frequently appear after the computer has gone idle. Sometimes the computer will restart on its own and sometimes I have to restart manually.

I believe I have accounted for the following concerns:

1. The card itself should be fine. I had ordered the exact same card from Newegg, experienced these issues, sent in an RMA and received a replacement, but I have experienced the exact same problems.

2. I have installed the latest drivers for the video card. I installed the drivers from the CD, experienced a crash, then reinstalled drivers from the AMD website to no avail.

3. I have looked at temperatures of the hardware using HWMonitor. The temperature of both the GPU and CPU rarely goes above 60 C during gameplay.

Each crash is very similar (the only change is a slight variation in BCP2). In fact, the BCP2 entry always starts with FFFFFA800...  I don't know if that matters.  Please advise. Thank you.

Here are the specs of the Dell Studio XPS 7100:

Processor: 2.80 Ghz AMD Athlon II X4 630
Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) (build 7600)
Board: Dell Inc. 0FF3FN A00
BIOS: Dell Inc. A03
2048 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

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Re: Dell Studio XPS 7100 and Sapphire Vapor-X HD 5770

We cannot speak to retail video cards. Our 5770 is validated for the Studio XPS 7100 along with these Dell video cards -
2XTG4 Radeon HD5870 U121A 1GB GDDR5 Cypress
GCJ42 Radeon HD5770 P120A 1GB GDDR5
HWHRN Radeon HD5670 M206 1GB
KP8GM Radeon HD5450 M114A 1GB
Integrated ATI Radeon HD4200

Either the Dell 460w power supply is not enough for that video card or the card itself is overheating and thermally shutting down.

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