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Dell Studio desktop help!


so yesterday I wanted to erase everything on my dell computer and as if it was brand new. So I checked on the dell website and after searching for a while they recommended the "Dell Factory Image Restore" option as it would erase everything and still have windows vista and default programs installed.

after it was completed i created a new user and set everything up as you would when you buy one.

But today when i turned it on and when the computer had finished loading, I logged in and an error message came up telling me this: 

"NOTICE - Hard Drive Self MONITORING SYSTEM has reported that a parameter has exceeded its normal operating range. Dell recommends that you back up your data regularly. A parameter out of range May or may not include a potential hard drive problem."

is there anything that I can do to fix this?

it now also appears when I turn my computer on, but I can still use it.

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RE: Dell Studio desktop help!

Sounds like the HDD may be  failing. You'll probably need to replace it so keep your personal files backed up on external media, to be safe. emoticon.Wink.title

Reboot and press F12, go to Utilities partition and run the hard drive daignostics. See if it reports any error messages...


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