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Dell System Detect freeze

I've been trying to run DSD on my Inspiron 620. It has been successfully downloaded 6 times. After selecting it from download file it starts to verify application requirements but apparently "hangs" or "freezes" since nothing more happens. Both Firefox and IE have been used without success. Any suggestions ?  Thanx.


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RE: Dell System Detect freeze

I have the same computer and the same problem.  "Obtaining selected diagnostics" is checked, but then the next step never happens... "Running selected diagnostics".  I left the computer running all night long... there's no way it should take that long.

I see this tread is over a year old, so I guess there's no solution to this.

I'm having constant video card/driver issues.  Oh well...

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RE: Dell System Detect freeze

I am also facing the same issue , Dell system detect utility freezes at 'Obtaining Selected Diagnostics'

I am having an Alienware 14

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