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Dell T3500 Motherboard (9KPNV) into Dell T3400 Empty tower, Possible?


I have broken the chassis and front I/O panel of my tower and i would like to get a new one. But unfortunately i am only getting T3400 Empty Towers every where and not T3500 ones.

My question is if i buy one T3400 empty tower, will i be able to fit T3500 mother board into T3400 tower?

From first looks, both looks identical, but do not know whether the front I/O panel of T3400 will be compatible to this motherboard (Precision T3500 9KPNV). Power supply is kicking, so it should be good.

Can anyone please advise?



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RE: Dell T3500 Motherboard (9KPNV) into Dell T3400 Empty tower, Possible?

The Dell JY058 Control Panel w/ Cable Precision T3400 (MW724) Audio Jumper TM472 and Cable JN454 seem to be the only common Ground.They are not the same as the 3500 panel. EVERYTHING Inside the 3500 is different from the 3400 including fans and the way the drives mount and where the slots are placed. The 3400 panel will not work.  You need the whole thing for a T3500 motherboard INCLUDING audio cables.  I doubt that the board mounting points are at all the same.  Just from the basic case layout a 3400 board WILL NOT FIT a 3500 case and vice versa.

Dell Precision WorkStation T3500 I/O Panel Assembly with USB Audio I/O Control Panel, 29" Internal Audio Cable D/PN X389H, Front Panel Cable D/PN JN454, and Mounting Bracket, Dell M884G, MC532.






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