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Dell T5600 Processor Compatibility


I am looking to replace my processor in my T5600. However, I am having a difficult time finding out what is compliant. Here is the info I know:

I currently have a Intel Xeon ES-2609 0 @ 2.4Ghz and a Dell 0Y56T3 Main Board.

I am only utilizing one slot of the two available, so would like to buy a pair. The socket set is FCLGA2011 for each.

I was looking possibly putting 2 of the ES-2906 V2 (Mfg # BX80635E52609V2)

However, not sure the differences between the V1 and V2. Does any know if this will work? Or what would be a good upgrade? \


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RE: Dell T5600 Processor Compatibility

Hi D.Richter

Thanks for writing to us. 

ES-2906 us not tested by Dell on this machine. 

Though we can provide you few info on few processors that are compatible with this model.

PRC,E52667,2.9,SNB :: partt# T98DF

PRC,E52650,2.0,SNB :: part# VM6KK

PRC,E52687W,3.1 ::part# 9W8MF

PRC,E52630,2.3 :: part# 4JH7C

PRC,E52680,2.7,SNB ::part# 100P2

PRC,E52643,3.3,SNB :: part# J3H1H

PRC,E52665,2.4,SNB :: part# 9G5GM

E52620,2.0,SNB :: part# D92WC

Hope this helps. 


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