Dell - The new leader in horrible customer service XPS 8700 problems

I bought a Dell XPS 8700 last Aug ('15) for $999 from Costco online. We had problems almost immediately with the PC not powering up (at all). but since it occasionally worked, we waited too long to actually return the PC to Costco (beyond 90 days). We also did not install the PC until Nov '15 because we bought 5 PC's at once and it took time to install them all.

We called tech support and after four hours of getting the run around and "trouble-shooting" via phone with Dell's non-English speaking tech support staff, they finally agreed to send out a technician. Technician replaced power supply and on/off button. We thought it was fixed but no. We didn't really call Dale back because we never had time to spend another three or four hours on the phone and schedule another technician just way too time-consuming for us to do that and run a business so instead we suffered a long barely using the computer and using other computers that were working fine instead.

Fast-forward the clock today May 30, 2016. The computer is still under warranty till August 2016 I call Dell and explain the situation, and that we've already unsuccessfully had a field technician trying to fix the problem and they were unable to do so. I respectfully ask that they send a replacement computer as we didn't have the time to spend another 2 1/2 days troubleshooting with their phone tech-support team, and also field technicians they declined, stating that I should've called back after the first technician showed up. All I can tell you is I spent four hours this morning on the phone with Dell customer support who is apparently based in the Philippines. They were unable to completely create a case number with me I was so frustrated and just wanted a replacement, they would transfer me four times, and each time I was transferred I had to start from the beginning including starting with my contact information and tell them the issue and what went wrong. Each new customer support person would attempt to take me through the exact same troubleshooting sequence that I had already done earlier in the morning, it was so frustrating I just couldn't take anymore.

At this point I guess my only alternative is to take down to small claims court and get me a replacement computer that is NOT a lemon as a replacement, or file a case with the BBB. I am also going to write the President of Costco to strongly suggest that they cease doing business with Dell. Dell clearly tarnishes the Costco name.

In either case I will never ever ever ever ever buy a Dell computer again. I work in customer service field and in my 13 years providing excellent customer service, I've never had a company so dysfunctional, so disorganized, and so lacking in support &  concern for their customers. Dell has lost a customer for life, and I will tell everybody I talk to never, ever, ever, ever l, ever buy a Dell. I learned my $1,000 lesson...never again!!!

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