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Dell Vostro 260 help

My Dell Vostro 260 is getting a message on startup saying that Windows failed to start, giving me two options: launch startup repair, or start Windows normally. When you select startup repair, it just goes to a blank screen for all eternity, and when you try to launch Windows normally it freezes at the very beginning of the Windows logo thing. Please help

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RE: Dell Vostro 260 help

Reboot and immediately press F12. Look for the option to run the Diagnostics. Run the extended hard drive tests. Copy the error message, if any...

If no HDD errors, you may have to repair Windows (what version?) using a bootable USB stick...

Sure hope your personal files are backed up on external media!


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RE: Dell Vostro 260 help

Your hard drive is bad.  Startup repair never fixes physically bad drives.  You must get a new drive and install from scratch.

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