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Dell Vostro 410: Powers on for 0.5 second then turns off.

Currently, I am finishing my thesis. Unfortunately, I do not have any money to buy a new computer at the moment. I know this is an old PC (now actually 7 years). However, many parts were replaced along the years by Dell when it still was under warranty (motherboard, videocard, cpu, ram).

Now, I face a weird problem that seems to happen 80% of the time:

- When I want to start my computer, I can see the light turn orange for 0.5 second then it turns off.

- I can see a green light behind the tower. In fact, when I press the power button, I can see the fan moving for 2 seconds and then it stops.

- After pressing on the power button for around 30/40 minutes rapidly, the computer starts and behaves normally. (yes, currently that desperate)

- I tried removing the graphics card and use the integrated motherboard graphics. Same problem.

- I have NOT yet tried remove any of the ram sticks. Could this also be the problem?

Specs: Dell vostro 410, 8800gt, 4GB ram, Q6600 @2.4ghz

Any tips/advice is greatly appreciated. I just need my computer for only 1 more month really.

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