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Dell Vostro 460 new processor, no display.

I just bought a i5 3570k (yes the socket does match the motherboard) and when I put it in and turn the PC on, the screen says there's no input display. When I use my old processor however, the PC works fine. I have looked for an updated BIOS, but somehow I appear to have BIOS A08, even though only A06 is available on the Dell website for this computer. I am using Windows 10 and have put in a 600W PSU. 

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RE: Dell Vostro 460 new processor, no display.

The "K" CPUs are unlocked - there is no lock pin to tell the mainboard the multiplier.  They're designed to be used on boards that have a BIOS-adjustable clock lock -- i.e., for overclocking.  Since your board does not have such a provision (it depends on the CPU lock to set the processor speed), this processor will not work with your system - you need a standard 3570 CPU, not the unlocked 3570K.

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