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Re: Dell Wallpaper

I have been trying for 2 weeks to get the wallpaper for the xps 730x system, they don;t have it availabe on the site, I have 16 e-mails back and forth from dell, I also recieved a phone call as if that's going to solve the problem, I was told over the phone they were going to send me the wallpaper after the 16th e-mail reply when they decided to call me since this issue was not resolved. again Dell sent me the same wallpapers they had sent me several times before.... In about e-mail #6 that i replied to I  left a link to a you-tube video of the xps 730x, you can see which wallpaper it is in that video, I sent this to the dell rep helping me and he told me he seen the video but he kept sending me every wallpaper but the one I was supposed to have with my system(as if that would make me happy) I have sent another 3 e-mails over the last 4-5 days and no one is replying to me....

The Xps 730x wallpaper is unique and is a higher quality, I'm very upset Dell Can not send me a wallpaper they make....

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