Dell Worst Pc ever!

Dell has been the worst computer i have ever owned!It started running slow 1 day after i paid $599.00 for it!I called them they tell em i gotta pay $239.99 to get it repaired!Then i call them 1 week later they claim i have a vireos in it and still want to charge me the money!I get the vireos worked out 1 mth later its still running slow ,at this point I've done everything humanly possible to resolve this issue , give Dell the benefit of the doubt ,i call Time Warner Cable now going to spectrum...they do a speed test@Speedtest.net by Ookla seconds,   download not them them, I've called a few times i admit because i desperately wanted Dell to be great like i have always believed.Time Warner tells me its Dell its Dell !But one guy did inform me that is was Mozilla Firefox  download the newer version and it would resolve my issues...nope i even went to internet explorer ahh negative!So i call Dell for like a 4th time I've called so much!And the representative a@Dell does does the right thing and goes inside my PC and helps me)Or so I thought ) ,she sees no issues tells me it has to be my Facebook page,so being the genius that i was i trust her,next day  ,i call guy gets remote access of my PC tells me he needs to get on Facebook 15 minutes later i have been hacked!He wasn't American so yeah and here i sit with  a bank account that has to be changed)Took 2 1/2 hrs! etc .etc. Smiley SadI change all my passwords etc....i call Dell back speak with the manger ,yeah everybody makes mistakes,hey it happens right?Long story short I'm stuck with this god awful Dell all in once PC because i dont have $239.99 plus dollars to get Dell to fix what is their problem!DTA-aka DON'T TRUST ANYBODY! Ladies and gentleman dont get stuck with an ugly Dell,its not worth the heartache and pain and misery I'm living through Smiley Sad

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RE: Dell Worst Pc ever!

Sounds like you did not call Dell, but contacted one of the many "support scammers" out there.  Be more careful in verifying the calls you place (and NEVER respond to technical support "cold calls" from anyone.

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RE: Dell Worst Pc ever!

Back up all your personal files on external media (eg, a USB hard drive) and do a Windows Reset which will wipe out all the viruses and junk and reset Windows to the way it was when you bought it..

You'll have to reinstall all the latest Microsoft updates and all your software* but at least you'll be sure that whatever those scammers installed on your PC is gone and they can't access your data again.

*make sure you have the reinstall disks and product keys for any software you installed, eg Microsoft Office, etc, before you do the Windows Reset.


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