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Dell XPS 630 "loses" GTX280 and reverts to Standard VGA display adaptor. Sleep issues as well!

I think I have a related problem between display adaptor and sleep issues.  I have Vista 32bit running SP2 on a Dell XPS 630i.  Lots of ram, hard disk etc. and a fantastic GTX280 1GB display card.  However, it constantly won't resume from Sleep mode and when I hold down the power button to switch it off completely for a restart it invariable comes back with a standard VGA display adaptor - so no games work.  Very frustrating.

I have tried tons of things, including updating all drivers and BIOS (to A13), removing all USB devices except the Dell keyboard and mouse.  Now the Sleep mode is constantly greyed out so I have to shutdown fully every time.

I'm thinking of blowing vista away and either re-installing it again from scratch or going to Windows 7?  I don't think it is hardware related as the display works (albeit in bog standard VGA mode).


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