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Dell XPS 8300 / I5-2400 (Graphics Card Issues)

I've seen a few threads on this site and toms hardware as well regarding the Dell XPS (8300 in specifics) having issues with graphics card upgrades.

I bought an R9 380 a few months ago. No signal, the card wasn't defective.

Thought it was my 460 PSU, upgraded that to a 550. No signal.

I sold it, and recently got a Gigabyte R9-270x 4gb windforce edition. No signal once again.

Now i'm at a loss, I really like my computer but the old GeForce 440 isn't really what I want to stick to.

If I were to replace the motherboard would this fix my problem with the graphics card? Or what could I do to get this card to work in my system. I don't want to have to return it.

Also, I have updated to the A06 Bios but without any luck. Thanks a ton.

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