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Dell XPS 8300 Video Card/PSU replacement

I have a Dell XPS 8300 from 2011, with an i7 2600, 8GB of ram, 2 1TB HDD in RAID 0 and an OEM GTX 560Ti. A month ago this video card apparently died, but I was planning on replacing it anyway. I decided to replace it with an EVGA GTX 960 2GB Superclocked, the single fan version (so it should fit perfectly inside the Dell case). My concern is about the power needed: a 400W PSU is recommended and I have the stock 460W Dell PSU. Will the GPU run ok with the stock PSU? (In fact, the old video card required more power than this GTX 960). I was reading online that the Dell PSU is prone to fail and I don't want to take that risk. If I replace the PSU as well, what PSU do you recommend?

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RE: Dell XPS 8300 Video Card/PSU replacement

If the video card recommendation is 400W PSU, then your 460W PSU should be fine, but make sure it has the same number of video card connectors that is required for the GTX 960.  If you decide to upgrade the PSU any ATX standard PSU should fit.  I personally recommend modular power supplies as they provide less cable clutter.  I'm using a Antec Basic Plus 550W Modular PSU in my Vostro 460 and have not had any issues with it.

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