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Dell XPS 8300 worth upgrading

I am wondering if I should upgrade my xps 8300 and if its worth the cost.  I have the 2.8Ghz i5 with 6 gb ram.  I know I can upgrade to 16gb ram and possibly to the i7 3.4 processor.  Does this sound right?  I am also wanting a new video card.  I use this computer for mostly busienss as of now and am not a huge gamer, but with the new SimCity game coming out, I'd like the computer to handle it so we can play it.

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Re: Dell XPS 8300 worth upgrading

Personally I wouldn't upgrade the CPU if you have warranty.

The SSD, Video Card and RAM are worth upgrading however.

Get the RAM from Crucial. The 8 GB kit (you will 2 of them to get to 16 GB):

The 128 GB m4 or 256 m4 SSD is also worthwhile:

The SSD will increase the performance significantly. You will need to reinstall your OS onto the SSD and ensure that it is connected to (SATA0 or SATA1) as these are SATA 3 and not SATA 2.

I have the 128 GB SSD (for Windows 7 64 bit and programs) and my original two 1 TB hard drives (for data) in my XPS 8300 aswell as the DVD drive.

The graphics card. The best one Dell shipped with it was the:

ATI 6950.

See here:

And here:

The best processor was the i7-2600:

See the Service Manual for instructions on fitting the parts:

See Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies for instructions in installing the OS:





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Re: Dell XPS 8300 worth upgrading

You do not need to upgrade anything in your system at all for the new Sim City.  Your system will play it flawlessly.  If your system is using the built in Intel graphics you might get a new graphics card like a AMD HD 7750 or a HD 7770.  Your i5/6gb RAM system is still quite capable of playing all modern games quite well with a proper graphics card.  An i7 for Sim City would be overkill.

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