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Dell XPS 8500, Dell support web links wrong language?, how to fix it?

Hello Everyone,

In Dell XPS desktop 8500 PC, under System, or system info,  the link is showing wrong language?,
if you click system and security, then System: On this page,

the first tab is 1.Windows Edition, OK
second tab is 2: System, OK
third tab is 3: Dell Support: Wrong

below this dell support is where you can find
website: Online Support
a blue highlighted and it supposed to direct it to Dell US website, instead it goes to Fr, check this out: www.dell.com/.../frbsdt1 Troubleshooting: I tried the Dell's suggestion to check on the Clock, Language and Region, everything is set to the right one to US.. despite the fact that the info is correct, somehow the support site is wrongly linked, is there a way to fix, any suggestions and steps to resolve this will be appreciated. Thank you

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