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Dell XPS 8500 - just over a year old - time to head back to HP

Dell..and future buyers of Dell computers,

My experience with my newly purchased XPS 8500 over the past 55 weeks was horrible.  Within the first few weeks, had ti have the motherboard, and USB ports replaced.  Then, i was able to deal with customer service time and time again, for software and hard drive issues.  I will say customer service was wonderful for the most part, easy to deal with on each occasion.  The final straw was again another issue where i was unable to revert, restore, reload, or do anything to restart the system.  One level of Dell support said the my warranty had been extended, but then the next level said it had not - and i would have to pay $150ish for the one time repair.

Please understand, i am not a heavy user, not many downloads occurring, and my security software is constantly updated - this current issue was like several of the other before.  I believe i received a lemon-Dell, and should of at the least been granted 6-month additional coverage, for the many problems I endured.

But now i will go back to HP (ordered a new one today)...with Windows 7 - i've had good luck with previous HP items (desktop/laptop)...hope it continues.  As for my Dell, looks like i will remove the hard drive and try to sell it on EBay...so look for a deal people - and happy bidding.

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RE: Dell XPS 8500 - just over a year old - time to head back to HP

I'm surprised.  My XPS-8500 with Win 7 has been flawless!  I've also had a couple of bad HP systems, a rather bizarre HP monitor and an HP printer that died quickly.  Lemons happen ... but that's weird.

You should be able to get them to reverse the $150 charge since the unit had an open problem report before the warranty was up.

If you still have the corpse, mail me.  I'm interested.

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