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Dell XPS 8700 CPU Fan Replacement Question

Recently upgraded my Dell 8700 with a GTX 980, getting some crashes and noticed the CPU was running a bit hot at high 70s C. So I got a Be Quiet fan with push pin. Obviously when I tried to install the fan it would not fit because of the non standard backplate of the XPS 8700. 

My question is can I just get a standard backplate off another motherboard and use that to secure the retention clamp then install the Be Quiet fan into the Motherboard?

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RE: Dell XPS 8700 CPU Fan Replacement Question

I'm not sure but here is a way to mount the cryorig H7. video is an 8900 but the mount is the same as an 8700

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RE: Dell XPS 8700 CPU Fan Replacement Question

Visually my experience is that the mounting for 8500 8700 8900 is the same.  The 8910 however cant work because they mount the power supply directly over the cpu.

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