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Dell XPS 8700 new U2415 Monitor Issue

I have a Dell XPS 8700 PC. I just bought a new Dell ultra sharp U2415 monitor.

I'm getting error  "this computer has add in graphics card, this monitor is plugged into integrated video connector. \

I'm trying to use the hdmi or dp connector on the back of the xps.

What is the best option to resolve this?

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RE: Dell XPS 8700 new U2415 Monitor Issue

I would use DP (graphics card) to DP ( monitor)

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RE: Dell XPS 8700 new U2415 Monitor Issue

When an add-in video card is installed, that disables the onboard video ports so you get that error message. If you want to use onboard video, you'll have to remove the video card.

Better to connect the monitor directly to one of the available ports on the add-in video, as Dan suggested.

Once the first monitor is connected to the video card, you can connect a second monitor to one of the on-board video ports after you enable the Intel Multi-Display option in BIOS setup. See manual.


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