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Dell XPS 8900 Boot failure

Hello everybody,

When we turn this machine on, 

The error is always bring with "Preparing Automatic repair" and "Diagnosing your PC"

When i restart machine "it said, your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart"etc...

These error are same thing!

What should i do? 

Best regards, 

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RE: Dell XPS 8900 Boot failure

Call tech support and let them fix it. I am sure it is under warranty.

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RE: Dell XPS 8900 Boot failure

Press F8 when windows is booting up. Select safe mode. Once you are in windows, see if you can restore the system back to a previous state.

If you don't need any information from the computer-you can always restore the machine using dell restore software

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RE: Dell XPS 8900 Boot failure

Except F8 doesn't work with Win 8 or 10...


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