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Dell XPS 8900 and video card update

I own an xps 8900 and a upgraded psu Corsair 650 W and I want to update to a gtx 1060 , I should be ok with my psu but what length or dimensions of the 1060 is the max ? I was thinking about getting the EVGA 1060 FTW which is 10.5" long, or do I need to get a shorter version of the 1060 ?

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RE: Dell XPS 8900 and video card update

MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming is 10.91" x 5.51" and it fits fine in an 8700.

8700s and 8900s have the same case.

This thread has a bunch of different cards and some with pics in the 8700s


checkout page 26 for one of ours with the 970.

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