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Dell XPS 8920 Freezing

I have just purchased this computer about a month and a half ago or so. During playing games like Overwatch, the computer will freeze up with no warning, monitor will go black, sounds will loop and the fans get very loud. The computer isn't overheating at all, and I have updated my Video card drivers. Not sure if a faulty power supply or video card can cause this. The computer does not only freeze up during gaming. It froze/locked up once while idling with no programs open. Every time it freezes I cannot do anything other than force shut down. This happens on random occasions. There are nights I can game for 4 hours straight and nothing happens, then there are days it locks up 3 or 4 times minutes after launching a game or even just idling. The computer has a Nvidia Geforce 1060 6mb video card in which I use to game. This was happening out of the box before installing any programs on my computer. I did a full diagnostics test and all passed. I was hoping someone can help with this.
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RE: Dell XPS 8920 Freezing

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