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Dell XPS --won't post

I could use some help here, please.

I have an XPS710 tower,; when I turn it on, I see the dell splash screen, and the post bar (the thing right under the dell logo)  stops at about 1/4 of the way across.  I've left it on overnight--never gets past that point, and always stops at same place. 

Could this be the BIOS? is it something fixable (or replaceable)? Or is it the board?

Thanx in advance

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Re: Dell XPS --won't post

What color is the power button when it won't boot? And is it solid or blinking?

Any beeps from the tower?

What color are the 4 diagnostic LEDs on the front panel? If they don't flash and then all go off during the boot process, look up the error codes here.

Have you recently added any new hardware or software? Have you disconnected all non-essential peripherals (eg everything except keyboard, monitor and mouse)?



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