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Dell XPS8700 With GeForce 980 Does Not Work

I just bought the GeForce 980 and installed into my Dell XPS8700. Get black screen on boot. Updated to BIOS A08. Get nothing. Never had any other problem with any other graphics card in any other computer. I need this graphics card not for recreational fun, but for high end renderings & 3D modeling. It was my recommendation to my boss to purchase this computer. Deadline is drawing very near. If this issue isn't resolved IMMEDIATELY I will need to find myself another computer manufacturer that this card is compatible with (...every other one out there) or I may need to find another job. Is there any kind of ETA for an updated BIOS to get this thing resolved???

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RE: Dell XPS8700 With GeForce 980 Does Not Work

Hi Kyled284,

Join the club. If you feel like reading the entire thread, make sure you have time to spare. If not, I can tell you this. Apparently a new bios is coming but nobody knows when. It might be in 2020 when the 970/980 cards are obsolete which wouldn't surprise me from Dell. Here's the link.


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